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Managed Service Solutions

We understand technology and we understand your business. With our core team of practitioners who are experts in their domains, we can tailor solutions to help you serve your customers. Our competencies cut across several niche solutions in terms of software delivery, project management, and services

Vollzo’s wide spectrum of service offering includes:

mobile appMobile APPs

Having a web presence alone is no longer sufficient, as online activity continues to shift to mobile. Simply put, smartphone apps have become too important. This rise in mobile-phone usage means that smartphone apps have become a key marketing tool for companies of all sizes, including small businesses. Mobile apps increase engagement with customers. They boost repeat visits, and permit a wide variety of online transactions, including the deployment of loyalty cards, push promotions, and ecommerce transactions etc.

We specialize in developing native mobile applications both for IOS and Android. At Vollzo, we design and develop mobile applications that provide:

  • A Rich Experience
  • Intuitive and Easy Navigation
  • Seamless Checkout
  • Personalized Experiences
  • Simplicity

cloud servicesCloud Services

Vollzo Cloud Services provide an effective way to build, run and integrate new or existing applications with Freedom of scalability in NO TIME.

Cloud Services at Vollzo can help you improve hybrid IT management, security and operations.

cloud services

enterprise applications

enterprise applicationsEnterprise Applications

Vollzo simplifies business process and more effective to reduce cost of operations.

Our best team designs RIGHT enterprise solution for your business in terms of user experience, process-effectiveness, quality, cost, and technology edge.

Enterprise software initiatives can span months or years, so it is important to have customer’s best interest in focus than billing hours.

Vollzo has proven in developing enterprise application from scratch to implementation, because we are,

  • Independent
  • Objective Oriented
  • Good Listener
  • Trustable
  • Transparent

Product EngineeringProduct Engineering

Agility to adopt new-gen technologies and engineering models is critical for enterprises to unlock a product’s potential in today’s environment of constant innovation. Product companies look for partners with strong capabilities in re-engineering and process optimization to shorten their product development lifecycle.

Our Product Engineering Services help transform our clients’ product development process to provide superior quality and enriched user experiences.

Our vast experience helps our clients respond speedily to market demands, reduce the total cost of development and ownership, and ensure profitability with high standards of quality.

product engineering
process automation

process automationProcess Automation/Cognitive

Expectations from systems are increasing. They must now read documents, extract data, learn and improve with repetition, and finally automate processes involving structured data and unstructured data.

Machine Learning or Cognitive solutions starts with Process Automation or say Robotic Process Automation where a “BOT” works like human and learn from data and tasks.

At Vollzo, we have certified UiPath experts to implement RPA and place your organization in Rapid ROI race.

Data Management Services

Data Management ServicesData Management Services & Analytics

Data analytics is the pursuit of extracting meaning from raw data using specialized computer systems. These systems transform, organize, and model the data to draw conclusions and identify patterns. 

The benefits of analytics – including anticipation of business opportunities, a competitive advantage and cost efficiency – are many, so implementing the technology will result in positive advantages for organizations in a number of industries.

Anticipation of business opportunities - Growth and expansion are two of the biggest goals when an organization enters a particular industry or market. To keep expanding over time, organizations can use analytics to pinpoint flaws within their system and discover a quick solution.

Competitive advantage - Every organization faces an opponent in one way or another. Similar competition within the same industry poses a threat, as each organization aims to improve their practices and processes to outshine the other. Certain elements set organizations apart, especially in the eyes of consumers. To gain an edge on comparable businesses in the market, organizations can use analytics.

Cost reduction - Many organizations have certain systems in place that work well enough to fit their needs. Replacing these practices is time-consuming and costly, which causes organizations to look for fixes instead of alternative actions. To locate the problematic areas, many organizations implement data analytics use.