Integration to existing systems

Integration to Existing Systems

Most Organizations have invested a significant amount of money in a number of supporting information systems. Our team has expertize and experience in integrating with other systems.

Below is a list of mechanisms by which our team can interface with external systems

  • Web Services We support both the hosting and consumption of web services. Our systems can work with both SOAP and REST-based web services. Due to the ease in which we are able to both consume and host web services this is the most common mechanism for interfacing with external systems.
  • API (Application Programming Interface) If an application does not support web services; it typically has an API which allows a programmer to create individual interfaces from the source system . This allows a developer to build an interface to the target third party system from within our integrated development environment.
  • Direct Database For instances where there is no existing interface available (either web services or an API) we can work directly with the third party application at the database level. In this type of interface Vollzo and the third party application would share information via direct reads and writes to either the Vollzo or the third party database.
  • File based When direct interfaces are not possible, or the target system does not provide web services, an API, or direct database connectivity, we can operate via a file-based interface. We are able to read files and process the data from a variety of file types e.g. Text (CSV, Tab Delimited, XML, etc), MS Excel etc