The DSM Commercial Management System Manages the Charter Party Hire throughout the lifecycle of a Charter Party from the time the Vessel is delivered to the time the Vessel is Redelivered. This includes management of Hire Statements, Delivery Sheet, Additional Costs, Agreed OffHire and Charterer Payments. The System also provides a summary view of the complete fleet and Historical Charter Party records. This system can be integrated with your accounting system to pass the information to or from.


User Access

Admin in the system can create roles and Users on the fly and grant permission to control/limit access to different modules in the system
User Access


The dashboard shows all the status of the fleet including financial statistics like Total Fleet Earnings(YTD) , Total Charterer Payments(YTD), Fleet Earning per day(YTD) etc. On the dashboard, the user can also see details of the Charter Party, Hire Statements, Outstanding Payments and Bunker details of all the vessels in the fleet.

Hire Timeline

The Hire Timeline on the dashboard also gives the leadership team a high level view of all the current and historical Hire in a timeline view.
Hire Timeline

Delivery Sheet

Delivery Sheet is prepared when the Vessel is delivered and captures all the details of the Charter Party and also the Vessel Delivery.

Hire Statements

Hire Statements are generated automatically at regular intervals(usually every 15 days) based on the terms in the Charter Party.

Final Hire Statements

Final Hire Statement is a complete View of all the Charter Party transactions. This contains all the Hire, Additional Costs, Agreed OffHire and also the payments received from Charterer.

Additional Costs

Additional Costs contains details of all the additional costs during the lifecycle of the CP/Hire. This includes detailed records like Additional Premium Costs, Armed Guard Costs, Stevedore Damage Costs, Hold Cleaning records, Surveyor Costs and any other Miscellaneous Cost records.

Agreed OffHire

This contains all the Agreed OffHire records. The system keeps detailed records of the OffHire times, OffHire Hire Costs, C/V/E OffHire and Cost of Bunkers during OffHire.
Agreed OffHire

Charterer Payments

All the records of the payments received from the Charterers are available here. The user can also upload any documents for payment received.

Hire History

Hire History contains all the Historical Hire records. This contains the Delivery sheet, Hire Statements, Additional Costs, Agreed OffHire and Charterer Payments details of all the Historical Charter Parties.

Vessel Management

Vessel management contains records of all the vessels including Hull , Hatch & Hold Dimensions, Capacity, Speed & Consumption and Cargo Handling Information. You can also send the Vessel information of the open ships to Charterers or Brokers for a future potential Hire.