Data Migration

Data Migration

Data migration is a key element to consider when adopting any new system. When organizations consider new solutions, one of the most important assets to consider is the data that already resides in your current system. Our team protects the security and integrity of your data in accordance with industry standards.

Once the decision is made to perform data migration and before migration can begin the following analyses must be performed:

  • Analyze and define source structure (structure of data in the legacy system)

  • Analyze and define target structure (structure of data in the new system)

  • Perform field mapping (mapping between the source and target structure with data cleansing, if necessary)

  • Define the migration process (automated vs. manual)

Data experts on our team has been performing data migrations for decades so we understand the importance of data continuity as you move forward with your new solution. We have the knowledge and expertise to smoothly and securely transfer data in accordance with your specific needs