• dsm ERP and Asset Management System - BG

    We bring more to the table than just IT skills and Subject Matter expertise.

    • Vollzo understands: Your Brand (industry image), Your Potential, Your Competition, Your Vision
    • Demonstrated knowledge in Diversified Industry domain and Technology platforms
    • Speed-to-market, Value and Confidence through innovation in Global Delivery Model.
    Vollzo  Advantage
  • DSM ERP and Asset Management System - BG
    • Enterprise software initiatives can span months or years, so it is important to have customer’s best interest in mind more than billable hours.
    • Having created many enterprise level products and custom applications, Vollzo has proven in developing enterprise application from scratch to implementation
    Proven Integrated Enterprise Application Experience
  • DSM ERP and Asset Management System - BG

    DSM - ERP and Asset Management System enables efficient and cost effective operation of large fleet of vessels. It integrates Offshore, Vessel, Supplier and Owner seamlessly with real-time data updates. dsm designed for best user experience - institutive and predictive.

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  • iBridge Purchasing - BG

    DSM - Commercial is an End to End system for Owners/Charterers to manage the entire pre/post-fixture part of vessel employment i.e. from Vessel delivery to vessel redelivery.

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Vollzo Consulting

Cloud Computing

Digital Ship Manager is based on cloud computing model. In the simplest terms, cloud computing means storing and accessing data and programs over the Internet instead of your computer's hard drive.

Advantages of Cloud Computing

  • No Data is stored locally
  • No processing done locally
  • No installation needed
  • 100% configurable by user
  • No long downtimes for uploading new features
  • No infrastructure dependency for end user
Cloud Computing
Data Migration

Data Migration

Data migration is a key element to consider when adopting any new system. Data experts on our team has been performing data migrations for decades so we understand the importance of data continuity as you move forward with your new solution.

Our team will

  • Analyze and define source structure (structure of data in the legacy system)
  • Analyze and define target structure (structure of data in the new system)
  • Perform field mapping (mapping between the source and target structure with data cleansing, if necessary)
  • Define the migration process (automated vs. manual)

Integration to existing systems

Most Organizations have invested a significant amount of money in a number of supporting information systems. Our team has expertize and experience in integrating with other systems.

Below is a list of mechanisms by which our team can interface with external systems:

  • Web Services
  • API (Application Programming Interface)
  • Direct Database
  • File based e.g. Text (CSV, Tab Delimited, XML, etc), MS Excel etc
Integration to Existing Systems

Our Product

DSM – Commercial

DSM - Commercial

Vollzo's Purchasing System manages all routine operation of purchasing by seamlessly integrating SHIP, SHORE and SUPPLIER

  • User Access
  • Dashboard
  • Hire Timeline
  • Delivery Sheet
  • Hire Statements
  • Final Hire Statements
  • Additional Costs
  • Agreed OffHire
  • Charterer Payments
  • Hire History
  • Vessel Management

DSM - ERP and Asset
Management System

  • Inventory & Requisition
  • Purchase & Procurement
  • Provisioning/Catering
  • Budgeting & Accounting
  • Crew Management
  • Vessels Operations & Performance Monitoring
  • Safety, Quality and Compliance
  • Cargo Operations
  • Planned Maintenance System (PMS)

DSM ERP and Asset Management System